Fragile bird — pendant made of white gold
SKU: 5156
SKU: 5156

Fragile bird — pendant made of white gold

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White 14K gold
~ 1,3 g
Height — 13 mm, width — 10 mm

Lightness is a quality that makes us special. Being easy in the time of life's problems means thinking about a solution, not a problem, it means leaving the past and living in the present.

This does not mean an indifferent attitude to events and people. Lightness is a sense of humor and cheerfulness that make us invulnerable. And this quality becomes not only a part of our life, but also a life source for others.

"The Fragile Bird" pendant is a symbol of the lightness of being and freedom. Wearing it on a fragile neck, you will immediately feel joyful emotions. With it, you will stretch your wings, which still beckon to heaven. However, after a few seconds, the eyes would not even notice that the body had left the ground and began to soar above the snow-white clouds. 

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