Sunny Forest — silver stud earrings with chrysolites
SKU: 5951
SKU: 5951

Sunny Forest — silver stud earrings with chrysolites

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Sterling silver
Chrysolite 6 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 4,8 g
Oxidation and gilding
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The forest stands peacefully on a gentle slope. Beams of solar light pour over the trees, capturing the branches and small, quick squirrels scurrying to and fro. The sun is the ruler of the soul and body. It saturates us with liveliness and shares its radiant flames with our spirit.

The sky is blurred with tints of blue. The air is clean and fresh, like the shadow of a morning mist. Dawn left a tearful message in the dew on the grass. Mountains rise from the ground like giants with wings of angelic white.

How wonderful it is to feel alive, to feel the rays of dawn and drops of rain on a clean body! How wonderful it is to inhabit a world created in such perfection down to every leaf, every twig, every facial feature! Imagine that the unadulterated joy of life is filling your consciousness with rays of light and warmth.

Find a source of happiness and inspiration within yourself. You are marvellous and the world around you dreams of taking care of you. Jack London once famously said: «After all, a person is only afforded one life — why not live it properly?»

Love, smile, and do what you like. You are the creator of your own world. Inside you is the core of the Universe, the source of pure life.

Earrings from the «Sunny Forest» collection will not only lift your spirits, they will serve as indisputable evidence of your tasteful aesthetic. A person in an exquisite environment is themselves no less exquisite, as their surroundings serve to emphasize their best qualities.