Leśna wstążka Mobiusa — obrączka ze złota
SKU: 5813-2
SKU: 5813-2

Leśna wstążka Mobiusa — obrączka ze złota

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The Mobius ring is one of the descendants of the infinity symbol.

There is also a version that the Mobius ribbon is used as a sign of endlessness. It represents the dialectical model of the universe, both unity and duality of existence. 

Tom Hanks once said that the universe speaks to us in the language of mathematics. We all know the Pi number, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci sequence and the infinite Mobius stripe. The world gave us these signs to understanding that the human being is the beginning and the end of it. And it reflects through space standards, not terrestrial ones.

Eternity is neither myth nor illusion, nor a funny story. Eternity is every moment and every person. And when two people bind their destinies, they multiply Eternity by two. 

We put this tender philosophy in the creation of our unusual “Mobius ribbon” wedding ring. That disclose the veil of mysteries over the Universe of lovers, give endless love and tenderness, binding the two halves of the stars into one. It is a geometric expression of love, a sign of infinity in white gold. 

Wedding ring are available in other metals. 

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