Ręcznie robione złote i srebrne krzyże

mokume cross

Designed gold and silver crosses by Kochut

Among all the jewelry, the cross is truly sacred and takes a special place in the people hearts. It is a symbol of belonging to the Christian faith and great shrine. In many cases, the cross is also the first jewelry in human life, as it is known, there is an old tradition of giving a newborn a cross, at the baptism ceremony, as the guard of the soul from evil spirits. The cross inspires peace, faith, hope and fills the heart with love.

There are two main types of jewelry crosses – church and design. Catholic and Orthodox crosses belong to church cross type, which usually has a four and six or eight-pointed form, respectively. Such crosses necessarily must have the crucified figure of Jesus Christ. Designer crosses, unlike the church crosses, do not have the image of Jesus and can be decorated with a variety of patterns, ornaments and gemstones.

Realizing the sacredness of church crosses and the special conditions on which they should be made, we understand that their creation should be carried out by specialized workshops. That is why in the online store of our workshop you will find only the designer crosses by Kochut. Our rich assortment does not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone will be able to find an author's cross that would, as best, correspond to personal preferences and a state of mind. From the simplest silver to the gorgeous golden cross with diamonds. The silver cross is usually suitable for men and young people. The Golden Cross will emphasize your style and status.

Do not be frustrated if you have not found the desired cross. Visit the Individual order page and learn terms and conditions of production of the desired jewelry.