Złote i srebrne Zestawy biżuterii Kochut

Gold and silver jewelry sets by Kochut

Often, to create a complete, perfect style is not enough one piece of jewelry – ring, earrings or pendant. For this case, masters create a jewelry set of a particular model. Depending on the owner's gender, there are many options for combining the types of jewelry in the set. Women's jewelry set is mainly representing by a ring and earrings, a pendant and earrings, a ring and a pendant, a bracelet and a ring. The men's jewelry set usually consists of such combinations as – a ring and a pendant, a bracelet and a pendant, cufflinks and a ring. In fact, the combination of jewelry described above is rather conventional, since there are many people who go beyond this limits.

Typically, there is a gold and silver jewelry set, for example, a ring and earrings made entirely of silver or gold. Unlike other jewelry stores in our store you can find unusual sets of models that combine gold and silver. A vivid example of this set is the earrings and the ring "Emerald Tale." The ring and the base of earrings are made of silver, but the lock (clasp) is of gold.

Each of our set has its own creation history. Some jewelry was invented in one breath, such as the “Golden Leaf” set, while others gradually, calmly waiting for their time.

Do not be frustrated if you have not found the desired set or have found only a ring, and you want to have a set of earrings or a pendant. Just go to the Individual order page and learn terms and process of making the desired jewelry to complete the set or create a completely new set.