In unison — flat-shaped wedding ring
SKU: 4503-1
SKU: 4503-1

In unison — flat-shaped wedding ring

Rozmiar pierścionka wykonany na zamówienie
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Sterling silver
White rhodium
Szerokość podstawy:
~ 4 mm

Sooner or later (or probably just in the right moment) we meet someone. She is not perfect, and we are extremely grateful to her for that. For the chance to find harmony in the other person, so different and so close. For the happiness to be understood with no words. For the pleasure to feel being accepted as you are, and most important — accepting the whole universe, which is smiling to you.

For the time that now is so little. For the jokes you do not need to explain. For the melody of two bodies, that goes in rhythm with life itself. For staying on your side, no matter what is at stake. For intimacy, that gives more space than any other solitude. For the 100% passion. And for losing your head when you start a sentence and she finishes it. 

How come we find a room for someone in our overwhelmed hearts? And why is it so lovely to look for happiness in someone’s eye, but find your own reflection there? The twilight wind is silent to my questions and dances in tune with us. 

No more words. If you find yourself in these lines, then the «In unison» wedding ring is meant for you. The ring is made of silver, coated with rhodium. Two rings connected together remind of a strong bond of two people who realized that together they are stronger.

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