Twist — rectangular walnut box
SKU: B001001
SKU: B001001

Twist — rectangular walnut box

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List of woods:
L: 54 mm x W: 85 mm x H: 22 mm
We use high-quality woods that feature peculiar textures. It is for this reason that our jewellery box has such a unique appearance and can slightly differ from what you see in photographs.

When you love, you become a maximalist. You want to do everything for a woman, after meeting with whom you said to your friends: «This is she!» Now there is no greater joy for the opportunity to see her happy. And somehow, quite unexpectedly, maybe even in the middle of the week, you catch yourself thinking that you’re ready all your life to come up with reasons for her smile. After all, even the most difficult day ceases to be such when she meets you at the door.

Recognition is the invitation of another person to your life. This moment will never be just another fact of your relationship. A new love story begins with recognition and we suggest you start it beautifully!

To do this, we created a Twist engagement box with an original rotary opening mechanism. Thanks to the lodgement, which rotates 90 degrees, the ring in it shine brighter. You will surprise your beloved even before she sees the ring. Because when you love, you become a maximalist.