Shining Galaxy — white gold engagement ring with diamonds
SKU: 4572
SKU: 4572

Shining Galaxy — white gold engagement ring with diamonds

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White 14K gold
Central diamond 0.4 ct, diamond 1,3 mm — 18 pcs. (0.16 ct)

Wherever you are. Just be.

Be a pharos in my immense and fragile universe, 

the Sun over my dark cold earth.

A soul mirror, so I could see myself,

No matter what. Just be. 

A raging storm on my secluded island, 

A gleaming star in my resilient heaven

The silence of my obsession. 

Despite the time. Just be. 

A dream in my deluding future,

Desire in my only true «today».

I relish your presence existing in me out of time and space. That we are two beacons of our separate worlds, that we met here and now. 

It’s crucial to find a person that would light our days brighter than anyone else. The light to follow in the darkest night, allowing both of you to remain great, eternal, and diamond like. 

A special ring for someone exceptional. Its perfect shape consists of two parts. The first is embracing a large 0,4 diamond, while the other, decorated with a scattering of small diamonds, is made to complement it. Once again we found the perfect frame for the perfect gems.