Korzenie wiary — złoty krzyż z czarnym rodem ​
SKU: 4058
SKU: 4058

Korzenie wiary — złoty krzyż z czarnym rodem ​

Brak w magazynie
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Białe i żółte 14K złoto ​
~ 3,5 g
BCzarny rod ​
eight with an eye 32 mm, width 14 mm
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Mankind has needed faith since time immemorial, and its relevance and significance have never faded. We are not specifically talking about any one religion or God; we are talking about faith in love, in goodness, in ideas and in the human spirit. After all, if we lose the ability to believe in these things, then what will we become? How would our world and lives change?

Faith is not empty conviction, but the opportunity to give life to abstract concepts.

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