Tylko jeden — krzyż mokume ​
SKU: 5513
SKU: 5513

Tylko jeden — krzyż mokume ​

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
Czerwone złoto próba 585, srebro próba 925
~ 4,9 g
Wysokość 39 mm ​
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What a remarkable planet. So powerful, yet so calm, all-consuming and so inspiring, yet it is the only home our species knows.

What remarkable days. So mundane, so festive, with outliers that blur together, yet this is the only life we have.

What a remarkable sky. So welcoming, so gloomy, so divided and so whole, yet it is the only sky we will ever see.

When it speaks to you, it has no need for your name, gender, or religion. All that lies between you and the world is faith, and everything behind you is the absence of faith. The earth, lulled to sleep by your words, slumbers under its moon. The only Earth. 

The Earth knows nothing of its own variance. The one who tramples on it with a fiery dance and the one who works it with a trowel are indistinguishable from one another, for every heart is a temple. 

Unity is rising to the top of your light and falling to the depths of your darkness all at once. It is tasting everything that the day has prepared and meeting what some people call by name and others call through love in your reflection in the mirror.

The «Only one» cross, featuring the mokume-gane technique, through which this spectacular and unusual combination of different metals (red gold and silver) has produced something truly one-of-a-kind.