Humility — cross made of palladium and yellow gold
SKU: 4175
SKU: 4175

Humility — cross made of palladium and yellow gold

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
Palladium 14k gold and yellow 14K gold
~ 5 g
Black rhodium
Height with eye 38 mm, width 20 mm

Humility is not a hand lowered. Humility is not inaction. Humility is not simply going with the flow.

Humility is having love for the world and the unconditional acceptance of the self. However, making peace with who you are means you must be fully honest with yourself. You must look in the mirror with new eyes, loving every cell of your body, every curve, every hair, every wrinkle.

Only by loving yourself can you give love in return, because you cannot give something that you do not have.

Making peace means accepting every iota of the Universe. Do not run, do not be afraid, do not swim against the current. If you can accept the world around you, then you are peacefully sailing in a sea of infinite opportunity, cast about among all possible destinies and unrealized potential. You wait for each new day in peace and tranquillity, with mountain ranges, sweet mists and boundless love in your heart.

You have accepted yourself, which means you have found yourself. You have come to know your inner light. You have kissed your soul on the forehead. You shook hands with your heart.

You have found peace, which means you are a happy person. This is happiness, the only thing that is real.