Sign of light — cross made of sterling silver and yellow gold
SKU: 1525
SKU: 1525

Sign of light — cross made of sterling silver and yellow gold

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
5.8 grams.
Height — 47,5 mm, width — 25 mm

«The brightest dawn comes after the darkest night ...»

Light is the source of our life. Solar energy courses through our blood, through every cell of the body and even to every lash hanging just before our eyes.

No matter the depths of fear, sorrow, and despair, we are always mentally and spiritually looking for the moment when good will overcome evil. We seek warriors of light in our lives because we intuitively understand that truth cannot be evil. Only through love, kindness and tenderness can a person find their true self. At that moment, they throw off all the masks, absurdities and injustices of life as mere trifles and discover themselves.

This is the philosophy behind our spectacular «Sign of Light» cross. Its base is silver with a texture similar to tree bark. We made this piece with the desire to show the true essence of nature in jewellery. We did not polish it to a perfect sheen; instead, we placed its golden soul on display for all to see.