The shining of the Eastern Stars — mokume ring
2 999.00€
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SKU: 7148-2

The shining of the Eastern Stars — mokume ring

2 999.00€
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White, yellow, red 14K gold and sterling silver
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The little prince wanted to know why the stars shine in the sky. And then I realized that sooner or later he would be able to find his star. Native and single.

Do you remember the moments when it seemed that the sky was infinitely empty? And then suddenly you look up, and on it — millions of gentle luminaries, which smile broadly and sadly. They look at you with a sensual, penetrating look, like the great thinkers of all times and peoples!

Through the thorns to the stars, — said in ancient times. The stars give us a sense of significance, they give us an understanding that we are not alone in the universe. There are no accidents. Everything that seems random to us is a natural result of our thoughts and actions.

Mokume is not a simple technique of making jewelry. It’s just magic. It is impossible to find another word. Even if you study the technique right up to the first mention of it in the works of Japanese masters, it will still remain a mystery to you. Magic can be comprehended only in action, and even an experienced jeweler never knows for sure that he will succeed.

When heaven and earth gently look into each other’s eyes — this is magic, which we are accustomed to ignore. And when several metals are weaved in a gentle dance, such magic can not be seen.

In the ring «Mokume. The Shining of the Eastern Stars» we combined white, yellow and red gold with oxidized silver in the star pattern. We created a sensation, as if the stars shine in harmonic waves in space and time. All the stars cover the sky between the rim of white gold. Magic combination in a beautiful gold pattern.

There is no exact answer to how to create a mocoume ring. Yes, even so that the stars will disperse by elastic lines in the close horizon of the metal. It must be felt — there must be a sense of the energy of the earth in the body and thoughts. Feeling of infinity and magic of the world.

The ring is made by hand and the pattern may be different from what is depicted in the photo. The cost depends on the size and weight of the ring.

IMPORTANT: production time is 3-4 weeks.