Wooden boxes for engagement rings and jewelry

Why did we start to make boxes for rings and jewelry

Unprecedented uniqueness is what drives us to create each product. So, it is not strange that we began to produce jewelry boxes as well. However, the constant pursuit of originality is not the only reason why we started to make jewelry boxes on our own. One day we realized that our jewelry also needes a stunning performance.

"If you strive for excellence, then strive for it in everything"

Yes, it spins — a jewelry box for an engagement ring.

When you are deeply in love and really want to surprise your beloved, you start to search for the best engagement ring. And when you find it,  you realize the need for buying a box for the ring: presentable, compact, effective. For this reason, we created "Twist" and "Butterfly". They differ from the rest thanks to the “purse shape”, which allows them to be discreetly carried in pockets of trousers or a jacket. With them, you shouldn't be worried about the possibility of exposing your grandiose plan. 

The second advantage of the box is a spectacular opening mechanism that turns a fascinating moment into a jewelry performance, where precious stones symphonically shimmer. We believe that this will be an excellent argument to say: "I say yes!"

Why our wooden jewelry boxes?

Jewelry is a great choice for a gift for all occasions: 14 February, 8 March, anniversary, birthday, or even just to express your love. A wooden box for jewelry will be a wonderful addition to the gift, and here's why:

— Thanks to the unique texture of the tree, each box is unique and has its own story.

— The ability to choose classic and exclusive woods: maple, walnut, American walnut, elm, bog oak.

— The application of laser engraving, which will give the boxes even greater features.

— Creating each box on our own from the beginning to the end.