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History of the Kochut brand
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The Ukrainian brand Kochut was founded in 2013 in Uzhhorod by three brothers, Yuriy, Roman and Ihor. The brand is engaged in the production of jewelry, and a few years ago another area of development appeared - products made of wood and epoxy resin.

Competition "The best sketch: Inspired by nature"
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We announce the start of the third competition for the best jewellery sketch.

How to choose an engagement ring
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Choosing an engagement ring is often not easy. Particularly for those who want to find an exceptional piece of jewelry that would absolutely blow her mind. If You are among those who treat choosing a ring with great care, then we will help You make the right choice. 

Topaz — a stone of heavenly purity
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We will tell you about one of the most charming stones created by nature. 

How to care for jewelry
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Do you want jewelry to never lose its luster and continue to delight your eyes? In this case, read our article about jewelry care. If you follow these rules, then your jewelry will not lose its nice look for a long time.

All you need to know about gold karates
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    Gold is one of the most popular precious metals that has been used by mankind since ancient times as jewelry, decor items, accessories, coins (in our time, bank bullion). We believe that the love of gold appeared because of its magical color, which is symbolized with success and wealth.

Ruby — king among the jewels.
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The ancient Indians called him the king among the stones, the Burmese warriors believed that the ruby ​​makes a person invulnerable in battle. Europeans of the Middle Ages believed that ruby ​​heals wounds and heals inflammatory diseases.

What are natural opals and how to care for them?
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    Opals are one of the most mysterious and mystical stones. Your eyes will always be fascinated by their play with the light. However, besides an unusual look, they have a number of specific features that we want to tell you about.

How to clean silver and why home methods do not work?
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    Jewelry care is a question that interests almost every owner. After all, everyone wants the product to always look like new all year round. Powerful Google contains a lot of information about cleaning gold or silver. However, a significant part of the proposed methods is amateur. And the worst part is that some of the methods even spoil your jewelry. After analyzing all the methods, we have prepared for you a publication that will answer one of the most common questions — «How to clean sterling silver?»

What is rhodium used for? [Jeweler responds]
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    “Rhodium plating” — how many times have you heard about this metal coating? Have you ever thought about how the process is going on and for what purpose it is used for? It is believed that rhodium plating  — is the best way to deal with silver and gold allergies. Think that's right? Well, lets find then the truth. We will tell you not only about the reasons for use, the effect on the body, but also show how it happens.