Wedding rings

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Wedding rings by Kochut

Since ancient times, wedding rings serve as a symbol of love, loyalty and caring for a loving couple. There is currently no consensus on appearing time and place of the tradition of using wedding rings. The first documented mention of the custom to wear a ring on a finger ring is attributed to the ancient Egyptian writer Apion. He wrote, that during the funeral, in the body of the deceased, the ancient Egyptians, noticed a thin nerve, which went from a ring finger straight to the heart. This discovery became the basis for the tradition of wearing a ring on the ring finger in the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

According to one version, the wedding bands were first approved and implemented with the support of the Saint Nicholas the Great. There is a legend that later, in the fifteenth century, the wedding of Maximilian I and Maria Burgundy became a push for the tradition of using precious metals and diamonds. It was their wedding rings made of gold, and women's with diamond. Smooth, glossy yellow gold wedding rings are usually called as classic. But there are a lot of couples who want to have unusual wedding rings that reflect their mood, persuasion or beliefs.

Our online Kochut workshop store has a wide range of unusual wedding rings models. Here you can find gold and silver wedding rings, as well as models with a combination of different metals. We use a variety of gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and others. In addition, we are always ready to embody the interesting engagement rings ideas in the metal. To do this, visit the Individual order page and apply form to start production of your unique wedding rings.