Venetian Night — oxidized silver wedding ring
SKU: 0272-2
SKU: 0272-2

Venetian Night — oxidized silver wedding ring

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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 8,5 mm
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In the street - a warm Venetian night. Bitterly smell of the stars, they pour light on the dark-haired girls, like drops of black coffee on a white tablecloth. The night was enveloped in fog by the flesh of St. Mark, drawing him into the endless dance of love and youth.

The streets and squares are crowded with crowds, they almost fall into the gondolas, which peacefully sway in shallow canals. Slender bridges barely hold disguised in fancy dresses of visitors of the most ancient Italian city. Literally, you can not even ride an apple, it will cling to a lush skirt or a pointed male boot.

Masks cover faces and shadows, lowered from under the eyelashes. Eyes grow thick in the juicy twilight mist, resembling small fireflies in an open forest. The very first masks were used not to hide a person, but to create a distance and the ability to communicate socially is not equal. Today, the mask is a soft mystery of the shape and image of the face, the dazzling charm of evening dance.

St. Mark's cathedral peacefully buried his spiers in the shoulder of the tired sky and lightly touched the light windows on the knuckles of the long columns. The violinist plays farther, he - also in a mask, helps the stars to pour Bach's melody along the frighteningly narrow alleys.

Colored paint, bright hats and sharp-nosed boots widened the small town to fountains and the majestic Venetian opera. And you with your loved one drink hot coffee on a broader surface to the sound of a violin, hold in your hands bright red roses and watch the majestic carnival. On your fingers are beautiful engagement rings that carry you to the other end of the world, to another country and at other times

It is decorated not with gold leaf and feathers, like a Venetian mask. No, they are made of silver and decorated with a wonderful author's ornament. The spirit of Venice and the atmosphere of an eternal feast you will find in the beautiful wedding ring from the collection "The Venetian Night".

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