Bark of the tree — wedding ring in sterling silver , coated with oxidation
SKU: 4556-2
SKU: 4556-2

Bark of the tree — wedding ring in sterling silver , coated with oxidation

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Sterling silver
Base width:
~ 7 mm
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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said that to love does not mean to look at each other, to love means to look in one direction. 

The masculine and feminine are created not just for complementing each other. Man and woman fill one another with incredibly strong energy as well. A man gives strength and stability of mind, and a woman — consistency and gentleness.

When they complement the worlds of each other, a harmonious strong union is born, blessed by nature. And for a beautiful union of two worlds, You just need the same beautiful wedding ring.

The symbol of a tree for a wedding ring with a wooden structure is perfect for a strong and loving marriage. It is equally important both for women and men. 

A woman is the family guardian and a source of energy for the lovers. The tree will serve as an amulet for her to protect the family and find peace for the heart. A man inherits important qualities of character from the trees, like courage, physical strength, inner resilience and deep wisdom.

Marriages are made in heaven — a subtle leitmotif of the «Tree Bark» wedding ring.

The ring is made with a special authentic texture, resembling the bark of a tree. 

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