Moebius Celtic Ribbon — hõbedane pulmapael sulatatud kullaga
SKU: 1268-0
SKU: 1268-0

Moebius Celtic Ribbon — hõbedane pulmapael sulatatud kullaga

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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
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"Being born, a person carries the world, the whole world, the whole Universe, he himself is the universe, and everything around is just bricks from which the reality will form." (c) Sergey Lukyanenko

A person is a microcosm, which is constantly in search of oneself. Imagine that there are no boundaries in man. Each of us is limited by our body and abilities, but in fact, when we exit from the habitual routine of life, a person is able to change as quickly as possible and change the world around him. As the same Lukyanenko said: "The world must be created, and man has nothing to create worlds." Not from anything but himself. "

It is said that the universe explores itself through humanity, and man tries to understand the structure of his "I" through the laws of the external world. What does this theory remind you about?

First of all, the symbolic meaning of the Mobius band. Famous mathematicians call it Earth's prototype of the universe. Its complexity is in simplicity. Everyone can create a tape from ordinary paper, but at the same time, few can explain the logic of its properties.

Also this tape acts as the equivalent of all known mathematical sign of infinity. Infinity of the universe and infinity of man. This important symbolism has become for us a share of inspiration in jewelry. We created many decorations in this style, and we continue to paint incredibly beautiful authorial designs related to cosmic philosophy.

This wedding ring from the collection "Celtic Mobius Ribbon" is beautiful not only externally. It unite in themselves three models of rings at the same time - Mobius ribbon, Celtic symbols and also our author's design "Soul and body". Noticed?

The base of the ring is made of silver, and on the surface - fusing of yellow gold.

The cost depends on the final weight.

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