Hutsul cross — sterling silver pendant
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SKU: 4142

Hutsul cross — sterling silver pendant

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Sterling Silver
~ 7,8 g
30x30 mm

The Ukrainian spirit is freedom and identity. Its attire is a mirror of natural beauty, and its music is the song of the mountains in the springtime.

⁠The Hutsul region embodied the fullness of life. A proud and freedom-loving nature, diligence, a love for and deep understanding of the natural world — these were and remain to be the primary features of a true Hutsul. ⁠

A miraculous place where dinner always comes with a bite of sheep cheese, where shepherds step out into the morning to tend their flocks, where the immortal traditions of the people flourish among pristine nature. These traditions speak to us about the harmonious existence of man in the bosom of the Carpathian mountains, and they shall only remain immortal as long as we remember them.⁠ The original philosophical motif of the «tree of life» embraced the idea of life’s continuous movement. Living in harmony with nature, feeling its breath in every blade of grass and stone — all of this was reflected in the lives and folk traditions of the Carpathian Druids. 

The «Hutsul Cross» pendant is a talisman. Safeguard its identity, will and extraordinarily delicate and brave heart. The pendant depicts symbols of the sun and movement that have been familiar to Ukrainians for centuries.