To the moon and back — silver ring with opal
SKU: 4446
SKU: 4446

To the moon and back — silver ring with opal

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Sterling silver
Opal 7x5 мм

You are so real that you are everywhere. Here is the sky, created from the ebbs and flows of your moods. This is time, borne of your infinity, and the distances created by your talents to lead me to the moon and back. 

On foot, in the back seat of a time-tested car, hitchhiking or flying over the roofs of your favourite cities. 

To the moon and back. To the rhythms of old songs, red wine, trivial conversations and the promise of silence. 

To the moon and back. In an instant, in hundreds of light years, in several dozens of generations, or right away at the first encounter. 

In keeping the balance between chaos and order in this new electronic world where everybody knows everything, there is still a track that most have never walked — to the moon and back.

Our apologies, but our thoughts have landed squarely in the sky with our new «To the Moon and Back» ring. Silver, charming opal and the favoured double ring design, which leaves ample room for your imagination.