Moon duet — double silver opal ring
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SKU: 1040

Moon duet — double silver opal ring

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Sterling Silver
Opal 6 мм
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His Majesty the Moon always struck us with the pale beauty of his face. It sometimes resembles a mist between thick black clouds, a blackguard that steals light from the eyes of the Sun. Other times it evokes the gentle image of a beautiful lady, modestly concealing dark blue eyes under transparent lashes. It can resemble love, tranquil and calm, when the nights pass in the whirling dervish of the heart. 

The silver moon has always been a symbol of ambivalence. It is present in the heavens both during the day and at night. It dies and is reborn, symbolizing the life cycle and the gradual fading of order into entropy. 

The floral beauty of the Moon has long been compared to women; the crescent moon was a sacred symbol of Babylonian and Chaldean Astarte, Isis of Egypt, and Diana of Greece. In deeper mythologies, the moon is personified in the image of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt. Women draw strength, inspiration and emotional energy from the Moon. 

Alongside the Sun, it represents hieros gamos, the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth, queen and king, gold and silver. This heavenly duo is the majesty of our intergalactic world, the mute beauty of nature, the wondrous haze of the evening’s coolness. 

A loving heart reaches out to the moon, and it returns the integrity, emotional strength and energy of the sky in return. Feel the touch of the worlds on your palms with a ring from the ‘Heavenly Duet’ collection. This double ring is made of silver and features an oxidised coating. The silver crescent gently caresses the mysterious garnet, and their cool love is sure to warm your heart.