Minu Kuninganna — valgest kullast kõrvarõngad, kaetud valge roodiumiga
1 399.00€
SKU: 5287
SKU: 5287

Minu Kuninganna — valgest kullast kõrvarõngad, kaetud valge roodiumiga

1 399.00€
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White 14K gold
~ 4,5 g
White rhodium
Height - 20 mm
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"You're the only one. That's what I thank you for.

For your ability to turn everything life gives you into value.

For your ability to love people in their unresourceful moments.

For the moments when you look out at the sun-kissed horizon. The moments when you're drowning in your thirst for adventure. Running to tell me new ideas or escaping into yourself.

And for the fact that you always come back to me new. It's like an invisible jeweler working on the beauty of your facets every day. And I, the lover of Destiny, have the opportunity to enjoy them. Your faithfulness to yourself teaches me to choose myself. Your ability to value your time teaches me to be grateful for your presence. Your exquisite uniqueness inspires me to accept life as it is. You are made of truth (it turns out it can be sweet). You were born for yourself (and I'm glad I don't have to remind you of that). You know you can be loved for nothing (and that's why I love you even more).

Because I give jewels to you, and I become even richer myself. Because I touch you, and I feel better myself. Because I know: no matter how much I give you, I always get more. "

The "My Queen" earrings in white gold are a complement to that ring you should have in your hand when you tell her how you feel. As multifaceted as your beloved. As precious as your moments. You can't go wrong when you listen to your heart. And here it sounds at full volume.

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