Bindweed — sterling silver earrings
SKU: 4093
SKU: 4093

Bindweed — sterling silver earrings

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Sterling silver
~ 7,2 g
Height — 20 mm, width — 6 mm, inner diameter — 13 mm
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golden earrings

No two flowers are the same, just as no two women are the same. One needs a roof over her head, and the other is content with the fields and the sky. Take, for example, the morning glory. This plant grows wherever it so pleases, and its stems stretch over long distances. «Freedom is for the free» is a phrase that perfectly captures the playful and flirtatious leaves of the morning glory, one of nature’s most coquettish creations. It hides in everyday spaces, but if we want to truly appreciate it, we need to learn to take note of all of our surroundings, even something as small as a single flower. 

The morning glory is as crafty as a young woman’s glance; it is impossible to know for sure where such a thing begins and how it will end. It spins, curls and if you’re lucky, it will fall into your hands for a brief time. (I’ve lost track — am I talking about a flower or a young woman?) A living nexus of doubts, desires and presumption is wound throughout her hair, and when I tuck it behind my ear, earrings that bear the name of my clever lass are revealed before my eyes. 

No matter how many roots I tear out, there will remain that one person that slips out from time to time, twisting their way round, but never disappearing fully. 

The silver «Morning Glory» earrings are for women who love freedom and secretly dream of sharing it with all they meet. Anyone with a carefree and playful nature will be sure to appreciate the piece, as the plant’s nature will call out to those who value the same things in this life.