Forest Veil — gold earrings with diamonds
1 932.00€
SKU: 5640
SKU: 5640

Forest Veil — gold earrings with diamonds

1 932.00€
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Yellow 14K gold
Diamond 1,5 mm — 14 pcs.
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While the entire world is still asleep, come to the woods. Breathe to the beat of the earth, listen to the most beautiful silence of the galaxy, hug the trees, and spend one little life with no questions.

Because your nature is incomparably greater than human comprehension. You can live here, in the world of emotions. Then, tomorrow you will need to become yourself again. But today you can be anything you want. Feel how someone is discovering you from the inside. Observe the way he enjoys, marvels, warms up and laughs. 

There is everything except loneliness. The euphoria of rapprochement, the ecstasy of spring existence, and the time that finally is left in peace. Alone in silence and harmony. I am almost sure that if the earth stopped spinning, it would miss the woods the most. Because there everything needed for unconditional happiness. 

Do you recognize it? The reflection of nature in jewellery art.

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