Empress Kojun — unique mokume gane diamond ring
$4 665.00
SKU: 5463
SKU: 5463

Empress Kojun — unique mokume gane diamond ring

$4 665.00
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Red and white 14K gold, sterling silver
Brown diamond 0,87 ct (6,3 mm)
+- How long does it take to make the jewelry piece in order?

Typical production timing for our jewelry is between 4 and 6 weeks. But also don't forget that some pieces we have in stock. 

+- Is it possible to make a certain model with a different metal or a gemstone?

Yes, you can order a copy of a certain piece with other details (metal, gem, size). Please contact us first, so that we could discuss your order.

+- Do you offer engraving services?

Yes! However, not every piece can be engraved, so each case should be discussed with one of our managers. The engraving can be made for jewelry pieces that are made on order. The price for engraving is listed below:

  • 1 Letter — $15
  • 1 Word / Date — $30
  • 1 Phrase — $45
  • 1 Symbol — $60
+- All your pieces are handcrafted?

Each jewelry piece is made by us from the very beginning to the end. This approach allows us to control the manufacturing process and maintain high-quality products. Design, casting, creating jewelry, processing with decorative coatings, and fixing gems — all are done in one workshop.

+- What should I do if the ring size doesn’t fit?

Most of our made-to-order models are not resizable, but in certain cases, we can resize a ring or make a new ring as a replacement for a nominal fee.

If a ring that you purchased from stock doesn’t fit the finger, we are able to offer free of charge replacement of the same model in the size you need. This can be made if the required gem is in stock and the model can be remade.

+- Do you have a shop that I could visit?

Yes, we would be happy to see you in our showroom. We are located at 37 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

+- Is there a need for signature confirmation?

Upon delivery, a signature confirmation by a person of 21+ years is required for all Kochut.org orders above $1000. You acknowledge that any person taking delivery of the products at the designated address shall be deemed to have done so with your authorization.

+- Do the shipments carry any insurance?

All shipments carry insurance from a third party vendor during the transportation process.

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The Laughing Empress — this is the name the people gave to the Empress that served for seventy-four years, the longest reign of any female in the history of Japan. 

She has to smile to retain her place in history. Skipping ahead, I’d like to point out that this ring was forged using the mokume gane technique in order to lend a particular energy to it. This is a ring is about women who will remain forever in the heart of the ages. It is for those who stroll about the city in the springtime and can confer inspiration to last the whole day with a single smile. It is for those who save the world all year round. This ring is a tribute to beauty that is timeless, a recognition that others see and feel this power. She is wondrous, her grace unrivalled.

A deep breath and a glance that takes effort to divert. Warmth that floods the body and opens the heart with the key of words most sincere. This is the love of the Empress. Her gait is the wind, and you must be made of stone to not follow it.

Authentic mokume gane technique reveals an indescribably captivating combination of silver, yellow and red gold alongside a royal brown diamond housed in a gold caste. Nothing less is acceptable when it comes to the "Empress Kojun" ring.

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