Unique handcrafted engagement rings

Why our engagement rings?

Here you can find a handmade engagement ring for every taste and budget, from silver to gold rings with luxurious diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Most of all, we stand out among the rest because we do not make mass-market jewelry, as we always strive to break the mold. Even the simplest jewelry pieces have an extraordinary style. All our engagement rings are endowed with a special meaning and symbolism, because we always strive for jewelry to convey their stories to lovers. 

How do we craft engagement rings?

Architecture, fairy tales, fantasy, mysticism, nature, and love are the sources of inspiration that have become the driving force for creating our own style. They inspire us to make unique engagement rings that become a serious argument to say "Yes". 

All stages of production are carried out by us from start to finish: from drawing a sketch to checking the product quality. The manufacturing is done in our workshop, where talented jewelers putting their heart and soul into it.

Why handmade rings so special?

Jewelry made in factories will never be as outstanding as the products made by the master. Mass production allows you to create high volumes of products and sell them for cheap. However, such production model does not allow to control the quality of work by 100%. 

"Conveyor jewelry", without exaggeration, will never have a soul in it. They will remain cold "stamped" metals, devoid of any peculiarity and zest. We are convinced that handmade work "revives" jewelry, gives them character.