Spark — maple, bog oak, epoxy resin
SKU: B000803
SKU: B000803

Spark — maple, bog oak, epoxy resin

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List of woods:
Width — 18 mm, length — 65 mm, height — 45 mm
We use high-quality woods that feature peculiar textures. It is for this reason that our jewelry box has such a unique appearance and can slightly differ from what you see in photographs.
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What does the word "spark" mean to you? 

For some, it could be the first spark of their memories — sweet moments that flow gracefully into one another, such as their first "I like you" or "I’m in love". For others, it could be a spark of feelings — selective and powerful emotions, such as the sensation of being totally breathless. This tends to happen to each of us when we observe or recall things that we are especially fond of. 

The same can be said when our masters get their hands on sophisticated cuts of wood, each of which has its own one-of-a-kind structure and textures; our eyes flash and our hands begin to enthusiastically work their magic seemingly on their own. As a result, it was with great love and curiosity that this box of bog oak / maple wood and epoxy was born, because uniqueness and the smiles of genuinely satisfied customers are our favorite form of business card.

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