Glitter Of The Soul — white gold, moonstones
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SKU: 4827

Glitter Of The Soul — white gold, moonstones

$1 695
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White 14K gold
Moonstone 10х8 mm — 2 pсs.
White Rhodium

The world is a hall of mirrors, in each of which we see a reflection of ourselves. If a smile twists the mouth with a tender, warm kiss, then the mirror will see this happy curve down to the smallest pixel. And reflect the joy, happiness, freshness of the new day. Well, if a sharp sheet of sadness drops to your eyes, do not even think: nothing will escape from the world.

We play, we dance, we laugh, we expect, we are sad — not a single verb of our existence can hide from the strict guard, from the only master of reality — from the world in which we live.

And the soul ... And what about the soul? The soul lies on the bow when other sounds are dumb. Soul dancing a waltz without a partner. Sings opera without orchestra. Plays crucial roles without a viewer. He loves without possession. And feels without words.

Look into the soul, the wise men said. There you will find perfection. Innocence. Angelic shine. The beauty of delicate, satin cut. Silk tenderness. Passion of atlanta. And the stubborn surface of infinity.

All the faults are the faults of the mind. The soul is perfect, it has no flaws.

Once the Soul came to visit the Mind. She knocked on the door with irritation and with firm steps walked into his cramped closet. Their conversation did not last long. More precisely, she said only. And she told him just one sentence.

"How can you say about your own limitations if you have me?"