String Of Unity — white and yellow gold, diamonds
$1 455.00
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SKU: 1761

String Of Unity — white and yellow gold, diamonds

$1 455.00
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14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
Three diamonds of 2 mm each
5.8 grams.
Height with an eye — 33 mm, width — 21 mm.

The body, mind and soul are connected by a single string of life. It is the spiritual string of unity hidden in the depths of the heart. From there comes a beautiful quiet melody. It is worth listening — and around there will be nothing "alien", nothing "hostile", anything that can be called "not me".

The melody of one essence permeates the worlds around and inside us, binds all around with invisible subtle vibrations of love.

Faith becomes deep when feelings of love, affinity, unity, with what you believe in are experienced. Only then can you learn to believe not in an idol or an icon, a distant mental image or an imposed model, but in a living reality that you live in a second, and which lives for you every second. Sounds a unique melody in you.

In the golden necklace "The string of unity" we embodied the idea of a harmonious combination of the phenomenal essences of man — his corporeality, heart sensuality and subtle spirituality. It is also a story about different shades of spiritual depth. On the possibility of uniting in the human heart everything seen and experienced: past, present and future. Earthly, human and divine. Material, mental and spiritual.

Faith, hope and love strung on the string of hearts, like precious diamonds, inspire new melodies, new sounds of life. And all this is collected in a single axis of the universal Spirit placed in the living heart.

Cross "Strings Of Unity": forged white gold, a string of yellow gold, three diamonds.