Guardian — silver, gold, garnet
SKU: 1902
SKU: 1902

Guardian — silver, gold, garnet

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Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
Garnet 6x8 mm
10.4 grams.
Height with eyelet — 38.3 mm, width — 20.3 mm.

Human life would be incomplete without spiritual equalization and inner convictions. The most wonderful feeling is the belief in the constant presence of the guardian angel in our life. We believe that our life and soul are under the careful care of higher beings, for whom the life of every person is valuable.

Life is a gift, and it would be strange if we didn’t make every effort to protect this treasure.

Angels, soul, self-consciousness — we can call our charms in different ways. We give them intimate meaning, which means they really exist. Michael Jackson said: "You can pray to the angels, and they will hear, but the best way to call them is laughter. Angels respond to joy, because this is what they are made of."

And we believe that the best way to be with your guardian angel is to wear a cross as a sacred relic of faith. All of our collection "Guardian" different philosophical design. On the left side, in the same place as the heart, we see a garnet, a symbol of spiritual purity and perfection.

The cross is made of oxidized silver, and the relief is created using the author’s surface texture. The bends of the metal convey all the unusual and mysterious life path of each person. In the gold caste, we put a red garnet of crystal purity.