Everything about topaz

Everything about topaz

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We guess it’s time to tell about the gemstone that won the hearts of many blue-eyed beauties (and not just blue-eyed) with its divine purity. Topaz can easily adapt to the unique beauty of its owner due to its astonishing shades and outstanding feature to combine harmoniously with other metals. Moreover, it’s a favorite gem of many jewelers that often emphasize its ability to unveil itself in a new way, depending on processing. 

Topaz, tapas, topazos — the history of origin of topaz

Unsurprisingly, Topaz is deemed to have different versions of origin. A legend says that the gemstone of heavenly purity was discovered by the sailors on the legendary Topazos island in the Red Sea.  Most likely, our favourite gem was named after this paradise island. But this is just one of the many legends. 

In search of an answer, we could also turn to Sanskrit. “Topas” from the ancient language of India means “fire”. What an unusual interpretation for such a stone, isn’t it?

But there is a chance that the island was called differently, and Sanskrit has nothing to do with it. There is an assumption that the stone borrowed its name from the Greek “topazos”, meaning “search”. 

Topaz deposits

In nature, topazes are quite common. The main deposits are concentrated in vibrant Brazil, charming Japan, colorful Australia, USA and other countries of the world. Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of blue topaz on the world market, this is why the gemstone is often referred as “Brazilian sapphire”. 

Solid delicacy: fascinating properties of topaz

Topaz is a semi-precious, transparent, the hardest stone (according to Mohs scale its hardness is 8)  in its class. However, this is not the main feature You need to know about it. Its magical blue gleaming radiance gives the stone an unlimited range of shades.  The stones vary from blue to pink colors. An interesting fact is that prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to its discoloration. By the way, jewelers often use gentrification techniques (special methods of stone processing) to get more desired darker colors. 

Pink topazes

Even more shades of blue: varieties of topaz

Topaz became popular due to its reasonable price and variety of colors. Let us focus on the latter, because the surprisingly wide choice of colors and playful blends of shades deserve special attention. Except blue, there are also golden, brown and extremely rare pink topazes known. Of course, the top-rated so called kings from this list are topazes like Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue. 

Three shades of blue topaz

The transparent Sky blue buoyancy

Sky Blue topaz has a delicate light blue color, resembling the sky on a shiny day. Why do they adore it so much? This is the favorite color of those who prefer light colors and  airy buoyancy.

Starting its lifecycle as a colorless topaz, Sky Blue is the result of modern technology that meets Mother Nature. In the 1970s, gem merchants learned that they could refine white topaz by exposing it to radiation and heat. An initially colorless gemstone turned blue aquamarine. 

Sky blue topaz is believed to be one of the stones which may help you focus. In addition, it is also known as the four year marriage. 

A gentle look of the Swiss blue

Swiss Blue is an intense blue color, often described as bright, electric or super-blue.  Some of the brightest shades of Swiss blue topaz can be compared to the rich colors of the Caribbean Sea, which is very close to the color of Brazilian tourmaline Paraíba. Most Swiss blue topazes are initially white or colorless topazes from Brazil or Sri Lanka. Then they are irradiated in order to obtain an intense bright blue color. However, not all Swiss Blue topazes turn out bright blue. After all, the quality of the shade is influenced by the structure of the stone and additional factors.

Ring with Swiss blue topaz

Persuasive depth of the London blue

London Blue topaz outstanding feature is its deep blue color, which makes the stone even more exclusive. It is interesting that at a certain angle you can see a slightly greenish hue. After all this is a range of colors of the troubling sea.

The London blue color is the result of a dramatic process that involves neutron bombardment in a nuclear reactor, and then keeping it in isolation for at least one year to allow the residual radioactivity to subside. As soon as the gemstone becomes safe, it can be cuе and installed in excellent conditions. A great example is the hypnotizing earrings "Sunny Forest".

Earrings with a London blue topaz

Ring "Peony"

Industry leaders call London Blue "the most desirable shade of blue topaz”. It is "highly valued for its deep magical blue color and purity", and considered a "one of the most beautiful stones you would encounter”. 

Deciding whether this stone is a good for you

The energy of topaz has a great effect on people who communicate a lot in everyday life. It makes women angelically attractive, and endows men with wisdom. The stone gives a feeling of harmony, peaceful mind and inspires dreamy associations. To cut the story short, it is not a stone, but bliss.

Compatibility with the zodiac signs

A gentle celestial stone will be a great choice for every zodiac sign. And it is committed to  Sagittarius and Scorpio born in November.

Healing properties of topaz

Ancient healers attributed numerous medical properties to topaz. Amulets made of this stone were recommended to be worn for treating the gastrointestinal tract, bronchopulmonary diseases and increased immunity. It is believed that blue topaz has a good effect on the nervous system and triggers the body rejuvenation. And contemplation of the celestial beauty of the crystal will calm and protect from negative thoughts.

Magical properties of topaz

 Topaz was the lucky charm of sailors and a favorite gem of monarchs. And all because of its magical ability to give their owners peace and boost intuition (no wonder it is called the stone of spiritual purity). The magical properties of topaz include its properties to calm, heal, direct energy in the right way. If today You are experiencing the trouble of choosing a jewelry with a stone that harmonizes with the restless nature, then You may be sure to stop searching.

Topaz in the jewelry art

There is no jewelry where topaz may look inappropriate. Whether it's earrings, pendants, rings, it is no matter, this stone will show its best properties. The same goes for metals. Cold silver and white gold create perfect tandems with ice-color topazes. But this could be a totally different, but still creative look, when combined with yellow gold. Smoothly polished or in the shape of cabochon, topazes are equally mesmerizing in their depth. Most often, jewelers use topaz with diamond and emerald cut. And market collectibles typically are in the form of cabochons or without processing at all. 

How to wear topaz jewelry 

Surprised, right? This stone is unbelievably astonishing, moreover, it emphasizes female beauty. When it comes to topaz jewelry, this is enough. But, in case You want to make sure that You have made the right choice, then here is what You need to know about it. 

  • First, topaz is a good option for everyday outfits, as well as for special occasions.
  • Secondly, blue topazes are perfectly combined with light clothes of cold colors. This stone fits women with any type of appearance.

Jewelers prefer topaz for its versatility, as it goes well with the delicate beauty of white gold or silver. And at the same time, it looks gorgeous in combination with red or yellow gold. 

Topaz care and cleaning

 There are no special demands. It can be washed with soap solution, using a soft cloth or brush. Ot it may be rinsed under running water. Here is an important note: steam cleaning of topaz jewelry is not recommended, but ultrasonic washing is allowed. 

Interesting facts about topaz

  1. El Dorado is the largest faceted gemstone in the world. It was discovered in Brazil. Its weight is 31000 carats. It’s worth mentioning that in 1965, in Ukraine, there was also found a nugget, weighing 113 kg.
  2. A compelling collection of topazes is stored at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, USA). “Brazilian Princess” (22,892.5 ct), one of the biggest faceted topazes in the world, is likely to be stored there as well. 
  3. The sixteenth anniversary is considered a “topaz wedding”. To honor this occasion, the couples give each other jewelry with topaz, a symbol of purity and unbreakable feelings. 
  4. Topaz is known to be one of the twelve stones in Aaron pectoral, mentioned in the Bible. The crowns of the monarchs and rulers were decorated with these natural stones as well. 
  5. If You thought that “rauch topaz” is a kind of topaz, then You are deeply wrong. Actually, this is one of the names of smoky quartz. 
  6. Topaz grows as a crystalline mineral in various granite rocks and lava flows. 
  7. Red and pink topaz stones were used in jewelry of Russian queens of the XVIII and XIX centuries, so some stones are called “Imperial topaz”. 

They say that buying a piece of topaz jewelry will be just the beginning, as You will want more and more. Because resisting this depth is almost impossible. 

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