Sapphire gemstone that deserves attention

Sapphire gemstone that deserves attention

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    Last time you learned about emerald, a favorite gem of the French kings. Now we have decided to talk about sapphire — an amazingly beautiful precious stone, which often has more value than a luxury diamond.

Historical information about sapphire

    Sapphire in all its heavenly colors is a stone of wisdom and righteousness, tolerance, perseverance, prophecy, and Divine Mercy. It is widely appreciated as a gem since 800 BC. 

    Kings wore sapphires in their pendants as a powerful protection against an evil eye. It was believed that sapphires are able to protect their owner from envy and attracted divine favor. Sinhalese in Sri Lanka also believed that the precious sapphire served as a defense against witchcraft.

In the twelfth century, sapphire was known as the best stone for the rings of the clergy.

The magical properties of sapphire

    For jewelers, the sapphire value is evident due to its rarity, color saturation, purity and hardness of the crystal. And for healers, astrologers and special collectors, the attractiveness of sapphire lies also in its special energy and healing properties.

    In Eastern astrology, sapphires correspond to the planet Saturn, which is responsible for the qualities of power, self-control, endurance, loyalty, purity, austerity and sacrifice. Sapphires were once used as wards against poisonous creatures, and also as a warning to hidden dangers.

    If you decide to make a talisman or amulet that would help you to open the path of self-improvement, then sapphires are a great way to learn how to control your life. Sapphires help in developing qualities such as responsibility, credibility, and reliability. They will help you harmonize with your inner spiritual forces.

Heart shaped green sapphire

Sapphire in jewelry

    Because sapphire radiates the energy of loyalty, loyalty and devotion, it is often used in the design of wedding rings, as well as rings for engagements. We want to note that sapphires with their “character” and special jewel are very suitable for powerful, status, and influential people.

jewelry with sapphire

    However, wedding rings and rings for engagement are not the only jewelry that uses sapphire. This incredible stone serves as an insert for earrings, pendants and even crosses.

earrings and a pendant with sapphire

How to care for sapphire

    Due to the fact that sapphires in their hardness are inferior only to diamonds, they can be cleaned in almost any way. However, we still do not recommend rough mechanical cleaning methods, because each sapphire contains a certain amount of inclusions. 

The best way to clean jewelry with sapphires is to use warm, soapy water and a toothbrush with fine fibers.
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