Frequently asked questions from customers (Q/A)


How long does it take to create made-to-order jewellery?

The average production time for the jewellery you can find on our website is 25 days. 

In certain rare cases, the necessary stones for a piece may not be available or a specific stone can be difficult to find. In instances such as these, we typically order a new stone (and delivery can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks) or we can offer an alternative stone from among our stock.

Custom orders are carried out in several stages over the course of 1.5 — 2 months: discussion of design, creation of a sketch or model and, finally, its production in metal.

Can I have jewellery engraved?

Of course! However, not every piece of jewellery can be engraved, so each case should be discussed with one of our managers. Our costs of engraving for one piece of jewellery are listed below:

— 1 Letter — €5

— 1 Word / Date — €10

— 1 Phrase — €15

— 1 Symbol — €30

Is it possible to make a certain model with a different metal or a different stone?

Yes, you can absolutely order a copy of a certain piece with different characteristics (i.e., metal, insert, size). 

Do you make jewellery from metals provided by clients?

Unfortunately, certain technical restrictions prevent us from making jewellery from metals provided by our clients. 

One example of a limiting factor is the fact is that the total weight of metal required for production can be up to 3-4 times heavier than the final weight of a piece. 

While we do accept gold, we generally create our jewellery from «fresh» materials. We add base metals to high-quality gold and silver in order to create the level of fineness (or carat) we need for a piece, and the cost of any submitted gold would then be deducted from the overall price.


What should I do if the size I ordered isn’t a good fit?

Most of our made-to-order models are not resizable, but in certain cases, we can resize a ring or make a new ring as a replacement for a nominal fee.

If you are ordering a ring as a gift and you aren’t sure what size you need, we recommend contacting our managers in advance to determine how to replace the ring for a nominal fee in the event that resizing is required.

If a piece of jewellery that you purchased from our stock wasn’t the appropriate size, we are able to offer a replacement for the same model in the size you need free of charge (provided that the required stone is in stock and the model can be remade).

How much does repair / resizing cost?

— The cost of repairs depends on the nature of the damage. We are only able to determine the exact cost of repairs after a physical examination of the piece at our workshop.

— The cost of resizing depends on the model.

Why did my silver / my finger turn black?

The oxidation of silver is a reaction of metal to the skin, and the circumstances underlying it vary considerably from person to person. Silver can also turn black as a result of contact with «aggressive» substances such as detergents, varnishes and creams.

In our production, silver and white gold are most often covered with white rhodium. This additional coating prevents the silver from turning black, which means that some of our clients don’t have to worry about the above-mentioned reaction whatsoever.

If your silver is turning black, we recommend covering the ring with white rhodium (if the model allows for it).

What should I do if a stone falls out or a piece is damaged?

We are always ready to help repair jewellery that has been damaged, deformed, or if a stone has fallen out. The cost of repairs depends on the nature of the damage and is determined on an case-by-case basis.

All repairs are free if damage has occurred due to a manufacturing defect. 

General Questions

How can I trust the quality of your products? 

We have grown from a home workshop into a brand that sells jewellery both in Ukraine and around the world. Our partners in the Czech Republic, Germany and England always certify the purity of our products and the quality of our stones according to in-country standards.

Every single piece goes through strict quality control before it is put up for sale or sent to a client. 

Do you accept scrap from clients?

No, because our workshop is located in Ukraine.

Do you provide certificates for your stones?

The stones in our jewellery do not typically come with certificates. All of our suppliers are professional gemologists and we are confident in the quality of the stones that we work with.

If you would like the stone in your jewellery to be certified, please let our managers know when placing your order. We also have the ability to have the stone certified by the Ukrainian State Gemology Center (USGC), but the certification process may have a slight effect on the production timeline.

Certified Diamonds

It is possible to buy diamond jewellery with or without a certificate. In order to ensure that the diamonds in our jewellery are natural, we trust our certified suppliers and make use of special equipment to determine the authenticity of each stone.

We believe that a certificate is worth acquiring for any diamond with a weight of 0.3 carats or more. The cost of diamond jewellery can vary depending on the weight and characteristics of the stone, as well as the presence or absence of certain documents.

The most common and prestigious certificates that we can provide are:

International: GIA, HRD

Regional: USGC, IGI, IGL

Payment and Delivery

How much does delivery cost? 

Delivery within Estonia is made by Omniva courier at the expense of the company.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment is made in two installments: 50% of the amount at checkout and 50% upon receipt of your order.