SKU: 1750

Earrings «Sun Forest». Silver, yellow gold, topaz London, oxidation, gilding

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Topaz London 6 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Weight: ~ 5,1 g
  • Plating: Oxidation and gilding


Just feel the tenderness for the universe — the best reason to start your morning. Especially if it is frosty, fresh, saturated with a gentle haze of the blue ocean above your head.

When the sky reveals its embrace, and sunlight drowns in them, it is at this moment that the taste of life is felt best. In such moments — acute and sad, and joy. Each moment is filled with an angelic fragrance, the green of trees narrows the space to a small sharp-eyed pupil in our eyes.

There is nothing better than to wake up this morning and feel all the love for the universe, the entire inexpressible ease of being and reject all doubts, fears and imperfection of the world we have created.

«A person is a thread, and the soul is a ball, you say ...» — said the famous Russian poet Joseph Brodsky.

Walk in green hills, slightly torn white edge of snow. To plunge into the sunny forest, to absorb every attribute of its fragrance, to reject the unloved thoughts. Give the world a smile on your face and a careful spiritual awe. Admire the topaz-blue clouds and the crisp radiance of dense sunlight.

So we see ourselves feeling from our heavenly-beautiful earrings from the collection «Sun Forest». They are made of rich silver, manually we created each leaflet, every twig, every line, every soft bend of such an incredibly feminine and delicate ornament.

Perfection of earrings, we added a piece of frosty winter sky, fresh, like the breath of cold and soft, like water in the southern Italian lake. It is a topaz of amazing purity, it sparkles in the sun, at dusk, in the subdued light of the day and the first rays of the night — it always shines!

The pouches are made of yellow gold, and the leaves on the earrings are gently gilded.