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Jewelry in Stock

In addition to made-to-order jewelry, you can purchase products from us without having to wait for them to be made. The majority of items currently available for purchase are pendants and various models of rings.
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All of the jewelry presented here is united by a common design and prominent motifs. You can choose your favourite pieces from our various series and collect those that are closest to your heart.
Rings have been an iconic form of jewelry for centuries. People have long worn rings on their fingers in order to emphasize their status, mood, state of mind, beliefs, or as a symbol of friendship, love and fidelity. Rings can be forged in a plethora of different shapes, spun from silver or gold, and can contain different inserts such as precious stones, rough crystals, pearls and much more.
A lone ring, a pair of earrings, or a single pendant is often not enough for a fully realized, truly remarkable look. Our craftsmen create sets of jewelry designed around a specific model with such instances in mind.
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Unique Mokume-gane Jewelry
Unique Mokume-gane Jewelry
Mokume-gane is an ancient Japanese technique that craftsmen employed to make samurai swords, knives and other types of edged weapons. This form of metalworking did not reach Europe until the 19th century. We use Mokume-gane to create rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry for both women and men, and you can purchase these incredible works exclusively from Kochut Jewelry.
For Men
Men often adhere to a minimalist philosophy when selecting jewelry for themselves. They are very careful in their choice because each work is not simply a refined piece of gold or silver to wear on their person. Rather, the piece will become an accessory that best emphasizes a man's character and his outlook on life.

Exquisite Accessories

Limited Edition Jewelry
We also have exclusive pieces in stock. Our limited-edition pieces are distinguished by their remarkable energy and are sure to leave onlookers spellbound.