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Oxidation in jewelry
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    Friends, looking for our silver jewelry, you probably noticed that we cover most of them with oxidation. Many of our clients are interested in this coverage because not everyone knows what it is and what it is used for. For this reason, we created a blog post to expand your knowledge about jewelry and answer frequently asked questions.

Bohemia. New kochut collection, 2019
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Do you like luxury, exclusivity and precious metals? Do you like jewelry about which you can say: “Expensive. Gracefully. Exquisitely? If you affirmatively answer all questions, then you should familiarize yourself with the new collection of jewelry, created for women who dream of becoming stars.

How to measure your finger
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    The reason for creating this publication is simple — on the Internet, there is a lot of fake information. Many electronic resources, including well-known jewelry brands, offer inefficient and completely inaccurate methods for determining the size of the ring, after which the jewelry has to be resized. 

Sapphire — all about gemstone
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    Friends, today we continue to cover the topic of gems in our blog. We believe that the blog this time will be no less interesting than the previous one.

Mokume gane — an incredible technique of combining metals
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    Mokume jewelry amazes with its unusual design. However, when you learn about technology in more detail and understand how people manage to create such rings, then you are filled with incredible admiration. For this reason we have made a blog about Mocume.

The story of creating twigs
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Since this spring (2019) the magic collection «Twig» will be five years old, we decided to dedicate a whole blog to it, in which we will tell about the history of creating an incredible series of jewelry.

Incredible story of the collection «Bird»
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    «Birdie» — one of the most beautiful collections of jewelry. It amazes with its tenderness and beauty. However, besides an incredible form, it also has a no less interesting story.

Emerald: everything about the character of the royal stone
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    Emerald is one of the most interesting gemstones, that becomes the favorite of the French kings. However, its luxurious look is not the only topic of discussion. The emerald also has a rich history, interesting magical properties and a number of amazing facts. Today’s publication is dedicated to these issues.