How to determine the size of a finger and how it does not need to be measured?

How to determine the size of a finger and how it does not need to be measured?

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  In today's guide, you will learn about the best and worst ways of measuring the size of your ring.

How to determine the ring size?

1. Ring Sizer. The most accurate way to determine. Used in jewelry workshops. We highly recommend it because this is how reliable results are obtained. 

2. Measure the inside diameter of the existing ring with a caliper-compass (the worst method with a ruler). A pretty good method, but requires attention. Because the measurement must be made absolutely accurately and without the slightest mistake.

3. Bring the ring to the jewelers. If there is an opportunity to silently “borrow” a ring, you can bring it to the jewelry workshop so that the craftsmen can determine the size.

4. Ask a friend, relatives. Not a bad way, but weigh the risk of making a mistake. The disadvantage of this choice is that someone can speak out. 

How not to measure the ring size?

1. A string. One of the most common measurement methods that can be found on every resource. On some sites, there are images of step by step measurement of a finger using a string. True, the method is completely ineffective, since it is possible to make a mistake in several sizes. This method does not work, because the string does not have enough rigidity and it is too thin.

2. Tape paper. A little better way than the previous one, but also unreliable. There is a huge risk in making a mistake. 

3. Send a photo of a finger to jewelers. In our practice, there were often situations when clients took photographs of their own and their wife’s fingers and then signed: “My finger size is 19. What is her then?” It's impossible to determine the size on the eye. Even if the fingers are almost the same.

4. Relying on clothing size. Together with the previous method, these two options are the most unfortunate. They are very inaccurate and unreliable.

These methods make a mistake not just in 0.4 sizes, and sometimes even in 2, which is an extremely high difference.

If after purchase you do not want to redo the ring in a bigger or smaller size, then avoid the noted methods.

When you shouldn't determine the finger size?

1. In the morning. Since water accumulates in the body during the night, the hands become swollen. The best day to measure is in the noon.

2. After exercise.

3. In rooms with high temperatures. Also, do not measure when your fingers are cold.

Follow these tips, and you will be able to measure the size correct. In order to avoid the smallest mistakes, we recommend consulting with our managers.

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