Inner Empire — silver wedding ring with gilding
1 126zł
SKU: 1986-0
SKU: 1986-0

Inner Empire — silver wedding ring with gilding

1 126zł
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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 7,4 mm

The boundaries of this empire are invisible. They extend into the past and the future at a distance of the flight of dreams, at a distance of memory of the heart. In the end, any boundaries dissolve in the immensity of love and tenderness that prevail here. Internal empire. Empire for two. For Him and Her. Here their power is undeniable and omnipotent.

And let it be for the whole world He and She — only ordinary people, only husband and wife, but for each other, they are Emperor and Empress. Their inner empire is hidden from the eyes of others, invisible to the whole world, but it is so real for both of them. When they are together, their power grows, their kingdom knows no boundaries, their joint decisions are ready to perform the whole universe.

And you do not need any crown or throne. There is no need for honors and privileges. In recognition or envy of the public. Sufficient attention is only to the loving heart, unlimited trust and mutual respect. Sufficiently only a gentle look, a sturdy shoulder, silent understanding and warm hugs. Here are the regalia that really certify the secret imperial power of the Two. The inner empire is a great mystery. Her strength is in the ability to protect the secrets of her power.

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