Soul and body — silver wedding ring with fusion of yellow gold
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SKU: 0480-0

Soul and body — silver wedding ring with fusion of yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Base width:
~ 6 мм

When two people decide to connect their lives, they bind their entire lives. First of all, they create connections between their existence and mental lives. They get together forever. From now on every doubt of a soul, every impulse of a heart and thought is shared between the two. None of them will ever be alone. Life will never be the same again. 

A wise man once said: «I am not a body endowed with a soul, I am a soul, part of which is visible and it is called a body».

Our rings are very symbolic for lovers. The visible part is made of gold. The metal surfacing is designed in the authentic Kochut style. It is not flat, and uncommonly smooth. Time and circumstances affect the body, it’s constantly changing and may get unusual. It may have flaws, as no perfect people exist. The ideal should not be an end in itself. If we are born on this planet, then in the metaphysical sense we are already perfect.

The inner side of the ring is made with beautiful forging, which symbolises the soul of a man in love. It’s light and brilliant, securely hidden in the human body and flies in the sky when dreaming. Yes, it’s hidden from the prying eyes, protected from the world, to which it, probably, does not belong. The body changes over time and the soul is constant and faithful. 

Is there something greater than the sea? The sky. Anything greater than the sky? It’s the depth of a human soul. 

Bind your hands and live together with our «Soul and body» wedding ring. The indicative price is for ONE ring. The ring may vary depending on the final weight.

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