Twig — white gold ring with sapphire and diamonds
2 299.00€
SKU: 5823
SKU: 5823

Twig — white gold ring with sapphire and diamonds

2 299.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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14k White Gold
Sapphire 5x5 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 3 pcs.
White rhodium
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The heart is the main source of love, faithfulness and vital energy. The heart connects the device of the universe with the inner space of man himself. In ancient times it was said that the human mind is limited, but the heart has no boundaries. A pure heart is a mirror in which soft sunlight reflects, as if on a mirror-like surface of the ocean.

The English writer said: "A joyful heart is able to find pleasure in the good." From all earthly music, the closest thing to heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart. "

Why do not we connect our kidneys with love and kindness? Or the lungs? Or the bones under the neck? It is in the heart of a dumb charm reigns, it is the quintessence of our spiritual life, in which the beginning and the end of the life path are concentrated.

We decided to express the "philosophy of the heart" in one of our favorite jewelry collections. Our collection of "Twig" rings is very versatile, and one of its facets is a twig in the form of a heart. Each ring is unique and unique, because it is completely handmade.

In this ring, the hot red heart of nature brightly burns surrounded by diamonds on a heavenly golden canvas. The base of this ring is made of white gold. Insert - a red garnet in the shape of a heart and three diamonds surrounding it.