Harmony of nature — silver wide ring with topaz
SKU: 1400
SKU: 1400

Harmony of nature — silver wide ring with topaz

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Sterling silver
Topaz 6 mm
White rhodium

There are sunny days and beautiful landscapes in nature. And sometimes — storms, harsh mountain winds, careless snowfalls. Just like in human relationships, harmony often faces imbalance. They stare, trying to find something of a stranger in one another. But no, nothing alike is there. Because order and chaos are the two sides of a whole. Harmony and imbalance cannot be absolute, but different constituents make it less or more harmonious. 

Life is no perfection. It is not about well-made makeup and or illusory halo. Life can be harsh and daring, and finding understanding and kindness sometimes is hard. It’s the perfection of feelings creating the physical ideals. The spiritual life and inner balance make the physical world significantly beautiful. Only then harmony will overcome the imbalance and become the main companion to people, who decided to spend a lifetime together. This is the deep meaning of the «Harmony of nature» ring.

In the photo, we represent our wide ring with a floral pattern. The ring is made of silver and covered with white rhodium. On a snow-white silver canvas, the sky-blue topaz reveals the tender stucco of love and trust.

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