Matterhorn — silver pendant
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SKU: 0637

Matterhorn — silver pendant

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Sterling silver
Diameter — 25 mm, height with an eye — 35 mm
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Matterhorn is a majestic mountain in Switzerland with unusual but harmonious proportions. Like a gorgeous woman, it looks on at the world from the height of its extraordinary grace and aristocratic dignity. Matterhorn stands alone, surrounded only by clouds and the occasional mountain town, with an obelisk-like peak whose faces look out at all four corners of the world.

Its beauty is sharp, and its form is nestled under the white silk of snow. In the early spring, its steep cliffs cast off their snowy mantles under the warm gaze of the sun’s rays. The glaciers on the eastern and northwestern slopes form a white belt wrapping around Matterhorn’s waist.

Matterhorn is dangerous, and in no case should it be underestimated. Few climbers have conquered the Swiss summit. Those that mastered pain and fear to reach the peak managed to extract a sliver of the mountain’s immense, silent dignity. This mountain is a symbol of lofty dreams, bright life and icy tranquillity. It is impossible to forget such a sight, especially if such a majestic image is always at arm’s reach.

It was for this reason that we created the original «Matterhorn» pendant. Every time you glance at the pendant, you can remind yourself that nothing is impossible. The pendant is made of silver and features an oxidised coating. It was created for the bold and daring, for those who dream only of the top and accept nothing less.