Cat's Dream — sterling silver pendant
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SKU: 1289

Cat's Dream — sterling silver pendant

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Sterling silver
~ 12,5 g
Height — 30,5 mm, diameter — 26 mm, thickness — 3 mm

Sleep is a refuge for our consciousness and a paradise for our thoughts. We step over the thin, weak line between the real world and the Universe as we close our eyes to embrace the evening’s rest. Dreams are our minds unbound, an opportunity to be ourselves and a thousand variations of ourselves. We can allow ourselves to be as different as we wish. Our persona can be instantly replaced and transformed into stars, trees, tall buildings and warm blankets. Nothing will remain the same, as dreams break down the barriers between the real and the unreal.

And as a world-famous magician once said: «Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?»

In our dreams, we have the right to be our dreams. Wrapped in the warm blanket of dreams, faces and images that we carefully stow away in everyday life rise from the depths of our consciousness.

In our «Cat’s Dream» pendant, the dream became a projection of an alternate reality. The cat, comfortably wrapped in its tail, sees images of his (or perhaps not his?) reality. Its reality has been shifted to several thousand years in the past, at a time and space when evolution had not yet taken such loud steps. Back then, this fluffy cat was a magnificent lion, a royal predator and the true king of the jungle. In those days, he could not sleep peacefully, sheltered by tender visions of worlds beyond. He fought for survival and fiercely defended that which belonged to him.

Perhaps dreams are what our mind considers to be the real version of the world?

The pendant is made of silver and coated with oxidation.