Versailles — palladium gold earrings with rubies
2 199.00€
SKU: 2087
SKU: 2087

Versailles — palladium gold earrings with rubies

2 199.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Palladium 14К gold
Ruby 5 mm — 2 pcs
~ 6,8 g
Height — 18.8 mm
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What is true greatness?

Everyone sees it differently, depending on the perception of the world. Wealth, wisdom, bold character, dancing youth, love, dignity, flexible mind. The point of view determines the choice. There are things objective as the theory of relativity, almost impossible to question. 

This is the galactic parade of planets, the power of the Sun, and the beauty of the starry sky. True greatness is in objectivity. It is impossible to query the solar system and disagree with the planet orbiting. As well as questioning the historical role of the Louvre and the splendor of Versailles. 

Versailles is neither about building and parks, nor wide windows and luxuriant rooms. Versailles is a symbol of the genuine greatness of the French people. Here fates were at stake, whole dynasties were born and negotiations took place. Versailles is a kind of metaphor because it concentrates inside itself real power and authority. 

The Middle Ages made France a supreme country and today we can have an insight into those times in the Gardens of Versailles, feeling that power in the whisper of leaves. 

The absolute monarchy reached its apogee in the mighty palace. Look at its golden walls and silk sheets, see the antique sculptures and paintings by the great artists. Sophistication and strength — this is how You can describe the palace, and Your eyes will agree silently. Did You know that there are seven rooms in Versailles dedicated to ancient deities — Diana, Mars, Mercury, Apollo, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus? The emblem of the King of France was the Sun, the coat of arms decorated a lily, and the rooms adorned with the motifs of the parade of planets. 

There is a moment when jewelry is so gorgeous that denying it is pointless. It concentrates power, beauty, and elegance, like the Palace of Versailles, which holds a collection of past eras’ masterpieces.

The earrings from the «Versailles» collection is made of yellow and white gold with patterns reminiscent of the Little and Great Trianon architecture. We were inspired by the Parisian elegance, French people charm and grandeur, and the beauty of palaces.

In the heart of «Versailles» — delicate twilight rubies. Just enjoy observing this beauty, no loud treatises are needed.