March Twig — platinum diamond ring
6 899.00€
SKU: 7082
SKU: 7082

March Twig — platinum diamond ring

6 899.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Platinum 23K
Diamond 0.25 ct (4 mm)
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«Step out into the vestibule of her birch embrace and descend into the nearest cosmos». ©

«... tell her about where the water and sky meet, where black and white orcas hold the worlds on their tails. Give her warm salamander stars, because their body is cold yet they are hot to the touch.

Whisper to her a thousand words, stubborn and straightforward, and reward the sculpture of her fingers with a kiss. Love the dislikes, and fears, and lack of faith in her.

Understand that she is perfection at the middle point of the universe, and trust all the worlds from whence she came. You will be able to distinguish each branch under her eyes someday; and so, for now, just love, believe and be.

...and find in this state your happiness and your totality.»


This is one version of the letter that the universe sends to a man in love.

Love creates the whole world in the human heart. Let the cities of this world be created by building blocks of comfort, trust and understanding. Let words be superfluous. Let them feel embarrassed and pale. Let them be of no consequence.

Replace them with touch, with the power of feelings, with the amazing «Birch Twig» ring.

Aristocratically graceful, with the warm colour of the rising sun.