Elena Troyanskaya — double gold ring with diamond
5 699.00€
SKU: 7151
SKU: 7151

Elena Troyanskaya — double gold ring with diamond

5 699.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White 14K gold
Diamond ~ 0,4 ct
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«Athena’s spells have no effect on the gods. That’s why we are fortunate to be mortal and therefore unable to resist the power of love.»

I could protect you from enemies and invaders, but I won’t protect you from myself. You made the gods inside me feel omnipotent, and people get married for far less. You say that your beauty is just good genetics, and I think that it is a trap that everyone hopes to fall into.

My gaze is always hungry for you, and your appetite for attention is insatiable. You are ruthless, but seeking retribution would be the height of absurdity. I see you in every picture, I hear you in every song and I read about you in every book.

I feel the fascinating, impudent and immoral looks of men on you, but I am calm; even when I’m at war with them, I am the one that you still care for.

This time, our «Exclusive» collection is featuring a double ring that bears the force of passion on literal wings.

This ring is named after the daughter of Zeus and Leda — Helen of Troy. It was forged to be given to the greatest woman in all the world.

The winged white gold seems to enchant the unique diamond, that they may be together. So beautiful that it borders on mythical...