Eye of the Forest — stud earrings made of sterling silver and yellow gold
SKU: 0909
SKU: 0909

Eye of the Forest — stud earrings made of sterling silver and yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver

The forest is a universe of silence and deep peace that we measure in kilometres. Birds carefully flutter about fragile branches, contemplating the world around them and revelling in the tranquillity of nature. Cold white mushrooms smile at the misting rain, greeting it with a low bow. The smell of wild strawberries is thick in the air as their aroma and taste are absorbed into the freshness of the woods. Purple bellflowers in the fields ring out the passage of time. Nature painted masterworks in the spirit of Michelangelo on the wings of butterflies.

Fireflies glow and vanish again in the grass. The forest twilight swirls in a waltz, embracing the billowing mist. Aspen leaves tremble in anticipation of the cool the evening shall bring.

In the woods, civilization itself falls softly to the ground, cups its face in its palms and immerses itself in meditation. Calmness and serenity fill the lungs as the fresh sap of trees fills the branches and leaves. There is nothing more important than recognizing the perpetuity of the self. The universe holds its breath.

Thoughts such as these envelop the «Eye of the Forest» collection. Did you take time to stop and take in the aroma of wildflowers?

The exquisite design of the «Eye of the Forest» earrings features an interweaving of silver and gold twigs. They have gently fallen into a sweet dream of wholeness and harmony with nature. 

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