Birds on a twig — earrings made of white and yellow gold
2 499.00€
SKU: 4752
SKU: 4752

Birds on a twig — earrings made of white and yellow gold

2 499.00€
Made to order
Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Yellow 14K gold, white 14K gold
Diamond 1,5 mm — 8 pcs.
~ 6,9 g
Height — 28 mm, width — 18 mm.
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The worldwide known philosopher Osho once said that if you catch a bird, do not keep it in a cage, do not make it want to fly away from you, but could not. And make it so that she could fly away, but did not want to.

Birds always had a great symbolic significance to a man. Swallows were associated with spring and warm lands, pigeons - with peace and happiness, swans - with loyalty and angelic beauty. 

Birds have made a longer evolution than humans. For millions of years they have been discovering our planet and felt the freedom of flight, be it in the Middle Ages, the New Age or the 21st century. Their freedom and independence attracts our eyes and makes our hearts tremble, making the wings flutter and conquer the heavens.

Some legends even say that the human soul is a bird that cuts thick clouds with its wings in search of paradise. And how nice it is to hear the birds singing in the woods when the first steps of spring fall on the ground. 

We designed the earrings from the “Birds” collection based on the model of forest melody, spring scent and gold of delicate wings. They attract the hearts of beautiful girls and women.

The base of the earrings is made of delicate silver twigs, covered with oxidation, so that you can see every inch, every feature and soft line. The first buds bloom on the twigs, opening in white gold and slightly visible color of spring leaves.  The silver English clasp is a fine element, making this jewelry perfect. 

Almost real twigs, decorated with white diamonds. Like a drop of dew in the morning forest. 

The golden bird flew out on a twig and sings the forest melodies of its mother — Spring. 

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