Supermoon — silver ear-studs with moonstones
SKU: 1417
SKU: 1417

Supermoon — silver ear-studs with moonstones

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Sterling Silver
Moonstone 6 mm — 2 pcs

In the past, the moon was revered because it helped determine the time. It was associated with Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of hunting. In Christian times, the moon was considered an integral part of the worship of the Virgin Mary.

Now the Moon is a female symbol that embodies purity, tenderness, renewal, feminine strength and emotional intelligence. A woman with a Supermoon on her ear will feel loved, desired and stunning in any attire. Those surrounding her will be unconcerned with how she is dressed, how much make-up she has on or what hairstyle she has. The moonstone creates a completely new inner impulse, one of integrity and perfection.

Astrologers believe that the moonstone helps to strengthen feelings of love and warmth in its owner. It helps a person to be gentle and patient and reveals creative potential.

The base of the earrings from the «Supermoon» collection is made of sterling silver. The earrings are adorned with mystifying moonstones, which give them incredible charm.

Supermoon is not just jewellery, not just earrings that you come across every day. Supermoon is the wholeness of an extraordinary life, the life of the night sky and stars, as well as their ruler — the enchanting white moon.